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STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE: Learn To Use Economic Indicators To Better Foresee Turning Points In The Economy:

  • What is the outlook for consumer and business spending, employment, inflation, and interest rates?
  • Is this a good time to raise capital, expand operations, increase hiring, and purchase more inventories?
  • Which foreign economies will grow the fastest, and who will be the laggards?
  • How do you evaluate geopolitical risks? Which are most likely to erupt and threaten business activity?

These are questions business leaders ask every day. The most successful decision makers get their answers by closely tracking the best "forward-looking" economic indicators. These valuable measures help leaders better anticipate turning points in the business cycle. It's knowledge that gives them a significant advantage over competitors, leads to smarter management strategies with a payoff that goes right to a firm's bottom line.

How can YOU identify these important early-warning indicators? Which real-time economic numbers should you follow?

Bernard Baumohl presenting at NYU

That's where we come in. Executives around the world have selected our seminars to better understand how key economic indicators can be used as forecasting tools. This seminar is designed specifically for those with little or no previous experience using economic indicators. Attendees bring their laptops for live, hands-on training to see how publicly available economic data can be leveraged for business benefit. Our program teaches how one can gain valuable insights on the business outlook from key leading U.S. and foreign economic gauges. As a business leader, you will learn to more accurately foresee shifts in consumer and business demand, corporate investments, housing, employment, foreign trade, interest rates and inflation.

But we do not stop here! As you know, we live in a crisis-prone global economy. Business leaders now face a bewildering array of economic and geopolitical shocks. This seminar also helps you prepare for sudden external eruptions, events that can potentially affect your business. In short, our seminar has two primary goals: To show how such indicators can keep you ahead of the business curve and, second, to make decision makers more comfortable using economic indicators in their offices.

Attendees in the past have come from finance, manufacturing, real estate, retailing, hospitality, advertising, accounting, and human resources.

You won't need a Phd in economics or statistics to benefit from this seminar. Discussions are held in plain, non-technical English. Finally, all the indicators cited are in the public domain and accessible via the Internet anytime, anywhere and at NO additional cost.

Where do these seminars take place? To make it as convenient as possible, our firm conducts these sessions right at your corporate location. Simply put, we want to make it as easy as possible so that you can begin to integrate economic indicators into your decision making process.

Can you earn CPE credits with this seminar? Absolutely! We are licensed to offer such credits for this course.

For additional information, please call us at 609-529-1300, or send an E-mail to: Sharon Lazard.

Testimonials From Attendees at Our Recent Seminars

  • "Beyond excellent !!! - Gave us lots of other ways to come to an opinion of where we are in this economic cycle. Well worth the time."
  • "This was so important. I wish I had had this seminar a year ago. I would have been a hero to all my clients."
  • "The class material was very timely. I have been able to use the information to give my clients a sense of what is happening in the markets."
  • "I finally am able to understand what indicators to look for to get a sense of direction in the markets. This type of info is very valuable and I would look forward to similar talks in the future."
  • "Excellent information and a call to reality essential to keep us up to date."
  • "Outstanding briefing with a wealth of invaluable knowledge. The insight and tips on leading indicators was particularly useful and applicable."
  • "Awesome to have it broken down into something my clients could understand if I had to pull something out of my hat to impress them. Thanks for the web site info too."
  • "An eye opener. Up until now, we just used the indicators as an after-event. He opened the door for an in depth perspective and his hands-on demonstration was very useful."
  • "Great information leading to more critical thinking relative to economic data. Very well presented."
  • "Lifting the hood on economic indicators, getting past the media headlines to the important things - great topic and liked that internet resources (links) were provided."